The first post is always super awkward and strange, as an owner of this site and have had other blogs (and still do) I never find this gets any easier. So, I figured why not make it even weirder, after all, it gets those weird moments out of the way and lets us focus on building ourselves, the site, our friendship, and just generally everything in between, right? 


I am Elyse Hocking, I'm 37 and I was born and live in Scotland, I'm very passionate about my country and the politics that it's going through but probably not in the way that you may imagine. Most people when considering political figures have a stereotype that they are in it for material gains. The personal connections that they can make and basically out for themselves. That's not me. I simply cannot understand anyone that would take a position of ultimate power and do nothing with it. With a higher income comes more responsibilities so why wouldn't you work your ass off and make a change? That's my mentality on politics, I love to keep on top of the economy, political updates and changes - my dream is to become a local councillor within a ward and assist those who reside in it - removing barriers is key to really creating change, right? So why not start from the ground up? 

Outside of my political passions I also adore wellness in general and I'm currently going through my 200-hour yoga teacher training. I'm someone who thrives on constantly improving my situation and my hardest challenge is maintaining my health. Wellness enables me to do that. Whether it be yoga, pilates, herbalism, working on my digestive microbiome and improving my mindset. I know, I know, it all sounds very modern and hippy-like but that's the thing, I would say I am pretty crunchy in a non-conforming crunchy way. My health deteriorated badly back in 2006 reaching its peak in 2010. My conditions affected every system, coping with day-to-day tasks became very difficult as my motility, muscle strength, pain levels and general normal functioning just dissipated. 

I remember saying to my consultants and a rehab programme I was sent to (for pain) called the Rivers Programme; when they were doing the initial interview for it - if I can suddenly become ill for no clear reason then I have a chance to get better with work - they looked at me strangely and asked me to clarify. 

I reckoned it to an old car, if it worked, then it stopped, then you would look into how to fix it, right? Maybe a bit of TLC, a bit of longer-term work and replacement of parts or additions here and there and it may work, maybe not to the same capacity but if it can get from a to b then it's better than not moving. That was the mentality I took back in 2010 with my own health. I will cover this more in further articles. 

My family consists of my three amazing teenagers, my step-son who unfortunately lives in the Philippines but is always in our hearts and in our minds and, our little furry goddess Lilith the cat. We are hoping to add a new furball to our lives in the next few months all going well. I was never a cat person, neither was Chris (my husband) then one day we both changed. We could suddenly as adults relate to cats, our lives were super busy so cats simply fit into our lives seamlessly and, didn't need as much TLC as say, a dog. We adopted Lilith right at the start of lockdown (it was planned just before lockdown started) and due to the lockdown, we're all she's ever really known. I swear she thinks she's a human. I'm not even mad that she thinks that way. 

I have a weakness for cheesecake, I swear I could live on it. I adore matcha tea with a wee bit of milk, it's just so warm and comforting and, I reckon I could live off stir fry's - the vibrancy of the veggies, with some stodgy noodles and sesame seeds (they are a must), is just heaven for me. Sure, if you want to add meats or alternatives I'm not mad with it. I used to have prawns in it a lot but since the Seaspiracy documentary, I just do not buy it anymore. I've taken to eating fish alternatives such as The Brooks seafood cakes which gives it a sea taste as they add in nori and other seaweed, honestly divine! 

What else can I say, I'm sure I will think of bazillion-and-one things to discuss over the next few months but a big hello! Hello! Hello! from me to you. I'm so happy to be in this space and hope to get to know you all soon. 



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